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SMOKE It like a Dog   Lets make it legal after all w all love to smoke weed. Smoking pipes Store so why fake it. this is the time to do some thing about it. many ways to do so. lets start with a few of them. once we all admit that natural weed is good for us and for all. the medicine of mother nature. as well as our natural way to heal our modern society. so help us support and enjoy life as it come to you. cannabis is natural plant so we can all use it in order to feel good to smoke a stone smoking pipe. after all we all love to use it.

I was in high school. Two friends and I went to their house to smoke  glass weed pipe where we smoked out of a bowl fashioned from an emptied pen, bottle cap, duct tape, and tin foil. We went for a drive and ended up at a local weed store. They ordered an 1/8th  as I sat there just… waiting for the weed. I was really hungry for some reason. All of a sudden, the weed comes out… and I don’t know what to do. On top of this being my first time smoking weed and getting high experience, it’s also my first experience with smoking glass pipe. I sat there staring at the weed not knowing if I should reach for a glass pipe or stone pipe reach for the weed. I sat there for about 45 minutes until I realized I could just look at my friends smoking a weed bowl and i smoked one too.

Now, think back in time to those days when smoking weed was permissible in bars and clubs. Some of you recall sitting around, having a drink, bonding with your friends, and yes, with a pipe full of weed in your mouth. In your mind, smoking marijuana with a pipe was the ultimate of being cool. But, as most of you realize, this was not yesterday, it was back in the day.


“Smoke some weed”
This is West coast nigga thinking
California quicksand got a nigga sinking
I can give a fuck what you niggas drinking
Smoke some weed
This is West coast nigga thinking
California quicksand got a nigga sinking
I can give a fuck what you bitches drinking
Smoke some weed
If you a baler, nigga I’m a hall of farmer
Lion tamer, with two few’-fifth flamers
Understand, that yo’ life’s in danger
Didn’t your mamma, tell you not to talk to strangers
Lily’ nigga, I’m the Hillside Strangler
Hit the glass weed bowl today and feel the joy


For many years tons of stoners started to support the Stone smoking pipes high movement here and around the world smoking the good weed marijuana today and every day. the medical benefits of the natural cannabis plant on the spirit of the average stoner make a big different between the non user and the ultimate stoner. all stoners are very nice people they smoke they relax and they always looking forward to the next weed blunt in order to make the vibe of it. so after all it is very good to relax. also its help the spiritual pain go away. when god giving us this wonderful magic plant to use and enjoy why don`t we use it. so far so good smoke smoke weed and start to feel good.

I love smoking green weed  buds with my new glass pipe but I do remember the last pipe i did used when i was young. We were hanging at my place and both of us were dry no weed for you man. Reminiscing about the good old days going down to the park a blunt each and smoking medical marijuana. So we decide to give it one last shot trying to find an elusive last bong hit  I might have hidden away. After like 10 minutes of looking, just as we’re deciding to smoke the second one also  , I started to get so stoned and happy.


8 or 10 years ago I bought a couple glass smoking pipes and some good marijuana and tried my hand at. Wood smoking pipes I had wanted to replace blunts with the pipe. The experience was amazing. I wasn’t sure what I was in for, and spending 60 minutes on a glass bowl wasn’t something I had time to do while working two jobs at the time. So after 3 attempts and many YouTube videos I start to get stoned every night of the week. Two years ago I decided to look into it again and picked up a onyx stone pipe with a couple extra glass bowls and bought some killer weed. The weed smoked way better and I learned that I could put the pipe down halfway through and finish it up later too. I’ve just got back into marijuana recently. sky walker is my walking about though. On occasion I grab good weed and take it to the to the beach to get high.

pipe smoking has enriched my enjoyment of life. It has been a catalyst for me to calm down, take time out daily for myself, and just enjoy the little things in life. And a pipe that goes out is also one of those little things. These days, I’ve come to enjoy relighting as just another part of the journey.


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