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Where’s Waldo? Finding Your Spirit in Your Own 420 Day Holidays have many purposes; some honor religious or spiritual observances, others mark a period from history that holds meaning today, and others harness national pride. Let’s hope you have a high quality smoking pipe ready, because April 20th is upon us. If you have a special bond that holds you to the cannabis sub-culture that honors the mighty weed, you may have celebrated 420 Day in the past. But did you “really celebrate” it, or just treat it like any other day and smoke pot just because it was there? If you truly love marijuana, and appreciate its struggle to become more accepted into social use, you may want to look at this holiday’s origins, pay attention to the ways in which it is observed, and find your own special story (your Waldo) as a vehicle to integrate into this special day. Simply reach for your glass smoking pipe, and let the inspiration consume you like a sweet cloud of magic. How did 420 Day Gets Its Name?  Before you can customize your own 420 Day to celebrate your unique story associated with marijuana that captures the love, you should first learn how this day got its name and what it means to find Waldo (no, it’s not a kid’s book). In 1971 a group of people from San Rafael, CA had a chosen hang-out spot for smoking weed by a wall next to a Louis Pasture statue located in the local high school, and it was also the meeting point to talk about a grand scheme they had for locating a rumored abandoned cannabis crop. This group called themselves “The Waldos” and used the name in connection with finding this supposed crop. After several failed attempts they shortened the name to “420 Louis” (because they met at 4:20 PM) and from there it was chiseled down to “420”.  The Waldos became cult-like a name and soon teens around the country would refer to “420 time” as code for getting high. So what does this story teach us? Sure, you might view it as a failure to find something that may not have even existed. But the fact of the matter was that it created an adventure, brought people together, built brotherhoods, and promoted the free-spirited open mind attitude towards creating adventure.  Where is Your Waldo? Every true marijuana lover has their own Waldo living within them. Do you remember when you got your first hand-made wood pipe and lit  that magical bowl? Did you have an amazing enlightening experience? Did you bond with some cool people? Did you meet the love of your life? Did you discover your true self? Or perhaps there was an event associated with your first toke; you might have been smoking a bong when you learned that JFK was assassinated. Or perhaps you had your first kiss while sharing a joint. The beauty lies in the fact that 420 Day became a counterculture American holiday in which hoards of people come together to smoke pot, and form these massive festivals and gatherings that beckon multiple sides of nature and ideas to come forward. For example, some events have political tones to them like state-wide legalization campaigns, while others form music festivals and sell or trade hand-made pipes, bongs, or smoking pipe accessories to a forward-thinking groups that appreciate the art. Now you need to contact your inner spirit, find your own Waldo, and see what comes forward. Finding Your 420 Waldo  Think back to the time you first smoked pot and ask your self these questions:

  • Where were you?
  • Who were you with?
    • What were you doing / had been doing prior to lighting up?
    • What were you dealing with in general during that period in your life?
    • What was your biggest benefit of smoking pot at that phase in your life?
  • These may not seem like very deep questions, but the answers can lay the road for a well-thought and meaningful 420 Day experience. For example, let’s say you were reunited an old friend you had drifted apart from, and you were hanging out by the pool. You had just ended a relationship with the first love of your life, and your buddy introduced you to weed. Having smoked for a few minutes you really felt the love between you and your friend and wondered how you two even drifted apart. Soon your love for him and the respect for the weed overpowered the sadness from the failed relationship with the girl, and you became awakened to greater bonds that exist in the universe. Fast forward to 2015. You want to celebrate 420 Day. Remembering the first time you smoked pot you call your friends and tell them the theme is “brotherly love and spiritual awakening”. You all share some really good weed, and at 4:20 on May 20th you ask each person to take turns sharing their own epiphany with the group in which all stories will be met with love and inspiration.  Claim 420 Day as Your Day!                                                                      
  • After you find your Waldo, create a party theme for 420 Day and share it with others. Also, be sure to celebrate pot; try different kinds, smoke from different contraptions, and discover what works best for you. Just make sure you find that spiritual connection and share it with others. You never know; you may inspire them and help friends find their own Waldo through your ability to grasp your own!
  • “There is no composing drought like the drought through the tube of a pipe.”
    -Captain Frederick Marriott
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