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Stone Smoking Pipes

Stone Smoking Pipes

When searching for the ideal smoking pipe you deserve a supplier that has a vast array of pipes, one that offers top-quality products, and you should settle for nothing less than a perfect customer service experience. This is why the Pipe Depot is your go-to pipe smoking shop—we go above and beyond when it comes to quality, cost, customer care and when you shop with us you will see why we are all the hype among old and new members of the pipe smoking community. We offer a wide variety of glass smoking pipes for those who desire a smooth taste, wood smoking pipes for those who want something more light weight, and we are proud to offer our stunning hand made stone pipes carved from a single and solid piece of the finest stone. How are Stone Smoking Pipes Made? Stone smoking pipes for weed are made by cutting and carving out a single piece of stone that has been carefully selected by the artist, and the Pipe Depot is proud to give our customers first dibs on these amazing stone smoking pipes. Almost all stone smoking pipes are made from soft stones that include: 

  • Soapstone
  • Catlinite
  • Alabaster
  • Limestone
  • Marbled cast stone

Man has been creating art and objects from stone ever since he was able to stand erect on two feet and learn to use tools for problem-solving efforts. Stone smoking pipes pay homage to the advancement of man, as this primitive art is still practiced today in which pipe smokers are offered some stunning products that have the look and feel they seek. Stone smoking pipe artists choose their stone slab and chisel out the pipe to its desired size and shape. Then they use special tools to carve out the design before the pipes are polished and ready for retail. When it comes to the benefits of using a stone smoking pipe there are many, so be sure to contact us with any questions you might have and we will be your personal shopper at no charge!

What are the Benefits of Stone Smoking Pipes?

The benefits of stone smoking pipes for weed come down to flavor and durability, and our Pipe Depot customers feel the love that went in to carving our stone pipes. Because stone isn’t porous or fibrous like wood, the taste you get from a stone smoking taste is similar to that of glass—a smooth, pure untainted flavor. Furthermore, for decades loyal stone pipe smokers stick to this medium because they swear you get stronger hits from a stone pipe. Finally, stone pipes are more durable. You can stick one in your back pocket and hop on your bike without the fear it will break. You can also toss a stone smoking pipe into your luggage or messenger bag knowing with peace of mind that it can sustain the abuse from having other objects slap up against it with no damage taking place. When you learn about Smoking Pipe Depot you will love us because we are available to take your questions and even teach you how to clean your stone smoking pipe!

How to Clean a Stone Pipe

Are you having a hard time getting a decent hit from your stone smoking pipe? It’s probably time you clean it! There are several ways to clean stone pipes. Here is one fool-proof and simple method:

  • Fill a Ziploc bag with LOTS of salt
  • Pour in half a cup of rubbing alcohol
  • Drop your pipe in the bag and swirl it around until the water turns black
  • Use a Q-tip to dry the inside of the pipe

Never use this method for wood smoking pipes for weed because it can damage the grain and cause deterioration. But like glass, stone smoking pipes are more durable than wood and can take this type of cleaning. You deserve a top-quality stone pipe from the best smoking pipe store, so look through our inventory and let us know how we can give you the best shopping experience!

What is the Best Smoking Pipes Store?

There are many reasons why the Pipe Depot is the best smoking pipes store. Our commitment to the customer comes first above anything else, and this means we offer products that are unique, in demand, and that come to you at an affordable price. Old customers keep coming back, and new customers love us for the following reasons:

  • We ship in discreet packaging
  • FREE and FAST shipping
  • Top quality, stylish products
  • Affordable price at sales cost
  • FREE smoking pipe screens
  • Simple payment process

Thanks to our affiliation with the Deals Zone, we are able to offer our stone smoking pipes and other products for weed  to the customer at a price that is almost at cost. We are dedicated to making sure each and every customer has a smile on his face when he gets his stone smoking pipe in the mail and that our level of customer service is next to none. Our doors are open; shop around, compare and contrast pipes, and let us know how we can make your day an even better. 


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