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Pocket Smoking Pipes

Pocket Smoking Pipes

The Pipe Depot is proud to team up with the Deals Zone to offer members of our valued smoking community the finest smoking pipes for weed at the most affordable prices. In addition to the Pipe Depot bringing you the best quality glass smoking pipes, stone smoking pipes, and wood smoking pipes we are proud to provide an array of handmade pocket pipes for those who need something compact and ready to grab in a snap. When the Titan Prometheus from Greek mythology stole fire from the Gods to give to man, we at the Pipe Depot also believe he took their pocket pipes and gifted them to our mortal race because early man needed to get good and lit along with his fire. Whether you need a pocket pipe for tobacco or a pocket pipe for weed, check out our amazing line of pocket pipes and add the one that speaks to you in the shopping cart! 

Pocket Smoking Pipes for Weed

Whether you have a medical marijuana card or you live in a state where cannabis is legal, you will love our pocket pipes for weed. These pocket pipes can also be used for tobacco and they come in a variety of cool designs and styles. Our bracelet style smoking pipes are ideal for the guy who has a nagging girlfriend who is trying to get him off the chronic. You can even wear these to court and the bailiff will be none the wiser. This smoking pipe is so clever and discreet that James Bond would be red with envy if he saw one on your wrist! As you learn more about Smoking Pipe Depot you will be giddy to know we also carry an awesome line of pocket pipes that look like dice-shaped key chains to fool even the biggest prude in your life. The Pipe Depot even carries hand-carved wood pocket smoking pipes that offer an amazing clean hit. If you aren’t sure if this style of pipe is for you contact our top-rated customer service team and let us explain the benefits of pocket pipes! 

What are the Benefits of Pocket Pipes?

The benefits of pocket pipes are numerous, and here are a few to consider:

  • Sneak it in your pocket when you have to go to church
  • Great to use at a sports event
  • Sneak it into your nephew’s Bar Mitzvah
  • Take one to a long graduation ceremony for your cousin Ernie who barely passed his law exams
  • Tuck it into orifices to get through airport security (just kidding, we don’t recommend that)

In other words, a pocket pipe is a discreet little smoking pipe that you can take anywhere, even when you are in the company of haters! Learning how to smoke a pocket pipe is fun and easy; shop around and let us know if we can help you find the ideal smoking pipe to meet your needs!

How to Smoke a Pocket Pipe

Knowing how to smoke a pocket pipe is as easy as microwaving a burrito. Here are some tips:

  • Make sure pipe is clean before every use
  • Pack pipe loosely for a smooth smoking experience
  • Make sure your energy is positive and inspiring
  • Move the lighter in a circular motion over the pipe.
  • Suck it (haha)

When you shop with the Pipe Depot you will love the personalized customer support we offer our clients. If you have any questions regarding smoking pipes, or if you want to learn more about pocket pipes specifically, contact us and we will help guide you through the seas of pipe smoking bliss! 

Where can I Buy the Best Smoking Pipes?

Right here because the Pipe Depot has partnered with the Deals Zone to give you top-quality, hand-made pocket pipes, glass smoking pipes, wood smoking pipes, and stone smoking pipes ALL at an amazing price! We cut out the middleman so we can offer our smoking pipes to customers at a price just barely above cost! When you join the Pipe Depot family you are entitled to:

  • FREE and FAST shipping
  • Discreet packaging
  • FREE smoking pipe screen
  • Easy payment method
  • Personalized customer service experience
  • Hand-made smoking pipes by gifted artists

Ever since we first opened our doors for business we agreed that the customer will always come first. The day we let a customer down is the day when hell freezes over; we care this much! Please explore our expansive inventory of stunning smoking pipes and let us know how we can give you the best customer service experience of your life!


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