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The Pipe Depot is committed to offering the best pipe smoking products for weed smokers and a first class of customer service next to none. We are therefore proud to collaborate with the Deals Zone so that we can offer everyone the most enjoyable pipe smoking shopping experience. Our pipes smoking company offers a plethora of products so we can cater to every smoker and meet and exceed their expectations.  We carry a wide assortment of glass smoking pipes for those who enjoy the cleaner taste that glass pipes offer free from any woody residue. Then to satisfy the smoker who enjoys their pipe to be porous and have some of the insular properties that add a tinge of something extra to their smoking experience while paying homage to the rich traditions of pipe smoking. We do this by offering an expansive array of wood smoking pipes made of the finest materials to bridge the spirit of pipe smoking to the recreational realm truly making it a spiritual experience for those who want a deeper involvement with their cannabis or tobacco products. In addition we offer a variety of stone smoking pipes for those who, like the advocates of the glass smoking pipes, enjoy that clean taste offered by glass but prefer the primitive aesthetics of carved stone and the smooth, cool touch. Smokers also love the durability of stone smoking pipes and many report that using this type of pipe offers more powerful hits. Finally, the Pipe Depot understands that pipe smoking is a rich part of our American culture and has a number of roots stemming from international locales, which is why we offer stylish pipe smoking accessories so that our customers can fully represent their own pipe smoking heritage. Whether you simply require a hemp grinder or you seek a cool lighter that reflects your calming mood when you“ toke it” after a hard day’s work, we have it all and invite you to explore our money-saving store today! Bob Marley once said, “when you smoke the herb it reveals you to yourself”. We at the Pipe Depot are here to facilitate our amazing customers and help each and every one of them come to know “the self“ through the calming, spiritual and awakening experience that pipe smoking offers! When it comes down to how to choose a smoking stone, glass, wood pipes to best suit the experience you seek, let the Pipe Depot guide you and educate you on the finer details!     

Tip 1: How to Choose a Smoking Pipe

How can I choose a smoking pipe? This is a question that every smoker asks themselves at one point and it is why the Pipe Depot makes the decision easy by offering a wide variety of glass smoking pipes, wood smoking pipes, and stone smoking pipes. Here are some common features smokers seek in a good smoking pipe:

  • Quality of smoking pipe
  • Durability
  • Taste
  • Feel
  • The look
  • Life span
  • Cost

Regardless of the smoking pipe type that you order from the Pipe Depot, every single one of our pipes is hand-made to the highest standards. Our smoking pipes are also highly durable and are designed to have a lengthy lifespan. Our glass smoking pipes and stone smoking pipes offer a tasteless experience for weed smokers, while wood smoking pipes will sometimes provide a slight hint of taste from the wood’s makeup—an act that many regard as a spiritual one. All of our pipes have an amazing design to suit any lifestyle and reflect a visual appeal to any pipe smoking customer across the board. We would be honored to receive your questions, so contact the Pipe Depot if you want to know what the most popular smoking pipe is and we will help pair you with the perfect pipe to fit your unique essence! 

Tip 2: What is the Most Popular Smoking Pipe?

Aside from the Pipe Depot sales statistics, all pipe smoking shops agree that wood pipes are the most popular style of smoking pipes. Wood smoking pipes are easier to smoke, they are lightweight, and heat-resistant. The only disadvantage is they tend to have a shorter lifespan and therefore require more care. If your number one purchasing requirement is durability, the Pipe Depot recommends one of our hand-carved stone pipes. You can throw them in your backpack or sit on them and the likeliness of any damage taking place is nearly nonexistent. Just check out our exciting product line and find the pipe that speaks to you and if you are new to smoking give us a call and we will teach you how to smoke a pipe while making a new friend all at the same time! 

Tip 3: How to Smoke a Pipe

As you come to learn more about Smoking Pipe Depot you will discover that we don’t just sell the finest smoking pipes available; we also get excited to accommodate newbies entering the culture of pipe smoking so we provide easy-to-follow instructions. To smoke a pipe correctly you need to: 

  • Loosely fill half the pipe with tobacco and tamp it down
  • Then fill the rest of the pipe to the top and tamp it again
  • Repeat a third time while leaving slight space at the top
  • Test packing by gently sucking the pipe’s stem—if the air doesn’t flow smoothly the packing is too tight and must be redone
  • Once the flow is smooth light the tobacco while moving the flame in a circular motion while drawing puffs through the stem.
  • For full pipe enjoyment let the flame go out and repeat the action.

Pipe smoking is fun, weed smoking simple, and it offers a great way to relax or meditate. All of our pipes are designed for optimum use and they are easy to clean and maintain!

 Tip 4: How to Clean and Maintain Your Pipe 

There are many ways to clean and maintain your smoking pipe, and when it comes to the Pipe Depot’s method of choice we suggest letting it cool off first. Once your smoking pipe has cooled down do the following:

  • If possible, remove the stem from the pipe
  • Dip a pipe cleaner in rubbing alcohol and run it through the stem
  • Then run a dry pipe cleaner though to remove all moisture
  • Take the scoop on your pipe tool and use it to remove the ash from the pipe (if you have a wood smoking pipe do not remove the residue buildup on the walls)
  • For glass smoking pipes or stone smoking pipes mix three parts hot water and one part rubbing alcohol with a tablespoon of salt. Then use a cotton ball followed by a Q-tip for drying

At the Pipe Depot we stress that knowing how to care for your pipe is vital to your overall experience. Understanding how to care for your pipe will give you more use, and understanding the difference between wood, stone, and glass pipes will help you know how to better clean and care for your smoking pipe!

Tip 5: What is the Difference Between Wood, Stone, and Glass Pipes?

At the end of the day, the difference between wood, stone, and glass pipes comes down to personal preference. Wood smoking pipes absorb a lot more of the tar and smoke, and it tastes of the tobaccos used which alters the taste of the smoking product over time. Glass smoking pipes are easier to clean and the tobacco taste is purer because that wood blend is non-existent. Most stone pipes are meerschaum and are hand-carved into unique designs. They offer a cleaner tobacco taste than wood and, unlike wood, the “cake” that develops in the pipe of the meerschaum is not desired. When you learn about the history of smoking pipes for weed you will be even more awakened, and the Pipe Depot encourages all to learn and feel the passion in the pages of pipe smoking history!

 What is the History of Smoking Pipes? 

The history of smoking pipes stems from ancient eras where pipes looked more like tubes that facilitated herbal use factoring into the arena of religious and medicinal use. Anthropologists believe that the Mayans of Central America were the first to really use pipes with weed reminiscent of the peace pipes that we are generally more familiar with. During the 15th century under the rule of King Ferdinand II of Spain, conquistadors and settlers exploring the New World encountered native tribes and their pipes. When brought back to Spain, Queen Isabella of Castile quickly picked up the practice of smoking pipes and soon a new trend flourished among a privileged few that later trickled down to all social classes across Europe. Then, in 1630, European Puritans sought North America to live under the canopy of religious freedom thus setting off to reform the Church of England and to prosper in a tax-free lifestyle away from the grip of the Crown. Also known as the Great Migration, these Anglo-Saxon families brought their smoking pipes along with them and their defiance to Charles II, His Royal Highness of Scotland, and Ireland. Charles II, deeply traumatized from watching his father beheaded at the climax of the English Civil War, was known as the “Merry Monarch” for the hedonism in his court. We can only assume he enjoyed a wide array of smoking pipes while colorful acts of debauchery unfolded before him. When it comes to where to buy the best smoking pipes, look no further than the Pipe Depot where we can set you up with a fine pipe that will make you feel like old-world royalty!

Where to Buy the Best Smoking Pipes?

Stop the search; you can buy the best smoking pipes right here from the Pipe Depot! We pride ourselves in our handcrafted, handmade, unique smoking pipes made of glass, stone, or wood. We are your go-to head shop for smoking accessories such as weed, pipe screens, pipes, and pocket pipes. We also encourage you to follow our pipe smoking blog so you can form a better relationship with the culture of pipe smoking and discover new and exciting trends and news. We are your smoke shop and are committed to continue the fine tradition of making handmade pipes at an affordable price. Shopping at our store will entitle you to many benefits that include:

  • Free and fast shipping 
  • Free pipe screen
  • Easy payment
  • Low cost
  • Personal level of customer service
  • Discreet packing and More… It`s about time to get yourself a new smoking pipe. and if you are looking for the best  smoking pipes you are at the right place. and when the time come to relax yourself go get your new smoking pipe fill it out with green weed smoke one puff and see you later alligator. please visit us today and get your new pipe. this is the new way to buy your new smoking pipe. Order your best smoking pipes here now! for many years we sell all types of pipes with free pipe screens and free shipping (US only). we love our customers so thank you very much for visiting here  and please come and visit again as soon as possible. all our products are completely natural for a better joy while smoking your marijuana blunts and bongs. Thank you so much for your purchase  

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